Mid Autumn Festival

Chang Er did not down those Immortality Pills for nothing.

In a less legendary tale, did you know, paper slips were embedded in mooncakes and/ or incorporated in the surface design to form a puzzle to create an uprising against the Yuan Dynasty?

Overtime, this tradition and festivity has been preserved over the generations and as time goes by, innovation and creativity has added varieties to mooncakes. From classic baked mooncakes with salted egg yolks to trendier mooncakes with unique creativities on ingredient, skin, sizes and many more.

Despite all innovations, the mooncake festival is still being celebrated along the same core values - Family Reunion. The shape of mooncake resembles the full moon, representing reunion of the family.

People have been taking this opportunity to send mooncakes to friends, families and loved ones, wishing them one another a blessed celebration while enjoying the mooncakes together.

The mooncake is often paired with tea and of course candles and paper lanterns.

What better way to create memories than allowing scents to stimulate our senses. Olēre would like to take the opportunity to enable our friends and family to enjoy the stories and tradition of mooncake festivals together.

In order to cater to various preferences, Olēre has carefully selected three local businesses for our Mid Autumn Celebration this year:-

1. Traditional Mooncakes l Olēre x Bake and Fleur

2. Durian Mooncakes l Olēre x Golden Bites

3. Birdnest Mooncakes l Olēre x Wellnest Asia

Tap in to find out more.

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