Our Story

OLĒRE /ˈɒ:lɛər/
to smell 

OLĒRE is about the spirit of taking care of yourself through smell.

Growing up, smell has provided a pivotal role for our upbringing. While walking through town, the way sizzling patties smell as you walk past the Ramli Burger stalls, the distinctive smell of coconut shavings of the Indian grocer down the street, even the charcoal smell of the ‘wok hei’ from a Hokkien Mee restaurant.

Smell has deep connections to our emotions and memories in a way the other senses do not. Deeply personal smells to me, like the smell of my late grandfather’s Peppermint Vicks inhaler or Menthol Tiger Balm brings me fond memories of him, not to mention the smell of incense burning whenever we prayed, it fills me with nostalgia and soothing comfort of a time where I could worry much less.

As we begin with work/ studies, we often get lost in the daily hustle and fall into the rat race, we often lose sight of what tomorrow will bring. Often, we catch ourselves wondering what we are planning to achieve beyond our daily routine, above this never ending rat race, Covid-19 only creates more fear and stress. Given the pandemic recession, it is clear that it will not provide any form of certainty.

The assurance of a little candle or diffuser at home that you can truly call your space can really help uplift the mood.

Scents like that brings us to a place of feeling, a place of relaxation. Scents like “Serenity” with Peppermint that produces a serene and calming effect. Creating a space that not only reinvigorates oneself, but reminds us of ourselves in the greater picture of life.

And that's what we aspire to do. Incorporating Oud into all of our products here in Olēre, we aspire to share the benefits of it to help people get through this rough patch, accompany them whilst stuck in their homes, reminding them take a break, relax and always remember to choose themselves first.

We believe that no one should neglect their mental health. That it is okay to take a break when we require rest, and that there will be brighter days ahead for us, for you.

Yours truly, Oud for you.