So you've bought your first candle,

you're excited to mess around and turn your room into your very own aromatherapy spa.

But hold your horses,

before you end up with a smokey room and multiple memory rings in your candles, here are some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your precious candles.

As you may know, we here at Olēre love candles, and more than anything we want to keep them burning as long(and as efficiently) as possible.

To achieve that, here are some tips and tricks

Prevent Memory rings

With any and all candles, the first light is important. As its to ensure the candle liquefy from edge to edge of the jar, not doing so will create memory rings.

"Memory rings", also known as tunneling are what happens when the heat is not distributed evenly. These are not fun as when you go back to relight the candle, the candle will not burn as far as the rings allow you to.

Get the most out of your candle by lighting it from edge to edge on the first light.

memory rings

Candle with a memory ring


Trim the wick

As candles burn, the wick gets charred forms a mushroom-like shape, which makes the candle less efficient.

Trimming the wick when it gets a little too long will help the candle burn better, evenly and with a less soot.

A good ballpark estimate is to trim is ever 4 hours of burning. Get yourself a quality wick trimmer and give it a good snip when its not lit.

The shape of the wick trimmer will naturally catch the charred wick, which can then be easily thrown away.

Trimmed vs untrimmed candle wick

trimmed vs untrimmed candle wick


Ways to blow out the flame

Its easy to just blow out the flames of a candle with your breath, however that may not be the best way as it may produce a ton of smoke which can alter the smell of the room, and change the pleasant smell of a room to a smokey one.

Many people recommend getting a clean burn using a lid/snuffler, we here at Olēre prefer it as it is easy and convenient way to blow out the flame, however this method produces some smoke as well. There are a number of methods to blow out a candle without producing smoke,.

One such way to blow out a candle is to have a wick dipper, this allows you to dip the wick into the candle, producing little to no smoke and not altering the smell of the room. This video by Milk and Honey Life showcases this beautifully.


 Milk and Honey Life Tips and tricks for candles

Getting the most out of your candle is the best way to love and enjoy your candles. Fill the room up with scents that are pleasant scents, prevent smoke and memory rings with the above methods. We wish for a pleasant candle experience, on your aromatherapy journey.

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